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2023 Mystery Quilt Amber Clue Four

Hello Quilting Friends,

How are you doing? Are you keeping up with all the clues? Have you made a few of each unit or made all the units each week? After this week, there are only two more clues to come out. We are flying through this mystery quilt. I hope you are enjoying working with your fabrics. I just love the way the cool purples and blues play nice with warm yellows. Just like the spring temperatures that are cool with a little warmth. Remember to post your progress on the Facebook page Corner Curve Quilts Mystery Quilt. It is great to see the progress everyone is making and your fabrics are beautiful.

For clue four, we are making more half square triangles. But don't worry, there are a lot less to make than in week two. These units will be made with the purple and white fabrics. It is important to square the units up. My video this week shows how to square up the units using three different rulers. They are the Creative Grids Stripology Mini Ruler, Quilt in a Day Square Up Ruler, and a Creative Grids Ruler with a 45 degree line on it. 

Click here to shop for the rulers and check out the new fabrics that have arrived.

Click here for the printer friendly PDF of Clue Four.

Click here for the clue four video. If you want to see my videos, please subscribe to my channel. I usually post a weekly video blog about what I am sewing with the crafting group, Talk To Me Tuesday. 

Click here to get the printer friendly PDF of Clue One.

Click here to get the Video for Clue One.

Click here to get the printer friendly PDF of Clue Two.

Click here to get the Video for Clue Two.

Click here to get the printer friendly PDF of Clue Three.

Click here
 to get the Video for Clue Three.

There are only two more weeks after this one. Let's Go Sew.
As Always,
Michelle Tuller